Gathering Village (location TBD) – looking for founders

Share / FollowWant to live with other caring people? Live sustainable and spiritual? We’re looking for

Darkness and fear

Share / FollowThe games some people are caught in are pretty dark and fearful. What if

“In Humility” – Gathering February 16, 2019

Share / FollowWe’ve gathered again and it was good. I would even dare say: very good.

Theme for 2019: Dreams Fulfilled

Share / FollowI wish, oh I wish that I had written more over the past couple

-4F in North Idaho makes for bookkeeping adventures: Etsy Inventory, Fees, Sales, Shipping and Handling in Quickbooks.

Share / FollowNow that I’ve been back in the States – one year today! – and

Good to Go

Share / Follow “Good to Go” is the theme I created for today, on the phone

GATHERING -invitation

Share / FollowGATHERING! (I’m excited that this is happening and look forward to seeing y’all. )

Ivan bought a mountain

Share / FollowIngrid. Right over Dublin. I don’t know the time zone, but time in Toronto

Tin Tin meets Mission Control*

Share / FollowThought of my Dad today as we went to the beach; he would often

Totally the End: making stroopwafels in Chile!

Share / FollowYesterday, mom mentioned a television series where Dutch families were given the chance/challenge to

Who you know…

Share / FollowKeep reaching out… and wonderful things happen Minga Verde Permacultura Chat Conversation Start 59K