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-4F in North Idaho makes for bookkeeping adventures: Etsy Inventory, Fees, Sales, Shipping and Handling in Quickbooks.

Now that I’ve been back in the States – one year today! – and I started

Good to Go

“Good to Go” is the theme I created for today, on the phone with Mary Leann

GATHERING -invitation

GATHERING! (I’m excited that this is happening and look forward to seeing y’all. ) Somewhere during

Ivan bought a mountain

Ingrid. Right over Dublin. I don’t know the time zone, but time in Toronto is 7:40am.

Tin Tin meets Mission Control*

Thought of my Dad today as we went to the beach; he would often refer to

Totally the End: making stroopwafels in Chile!

Yesterday, mom mentioned a television series where Dutch families were given the chance/challenge to start over

Who you know…

Keep reaching out… and wonderful things happen Minga Verde Permacultura Chat Conversation Start 59K people like

Apology to turnips (Disculpa a los nabos)

The turnip is in his seat in Washington – sorry, I hereby apologize to all turnips,

On Sustainability. Clear as muck. Maslow in shambles. Becoming human.

Crap, I’ve started writing this piece five different times, and I’ll just give up trying to

You never know how a cow catches a hare

“You never know how a cow catches a hare” – funny Dutch expression. (yes Andre, there