A job in Canada, or: where’s my pink slipper Tim?

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1 December 2016, 14:24 EEST, Brielle The Netherlands

Looking at the next job to apply for, and some days… after having had a great time applying for the Deanery Project, HollyHock, Evergreen and even with Conservation International, it became Canadian maple-syruppy. Browsed craiglist jobs in Canada a bit, uuh, am not being 18 and sending my pictures and height and weight, haha.

On Goodwork.ca here’s this: “member experience manager” with Sustainability CoLab, somewhere Ontaria. They bring social innovation to sustainable businesses through community organization (‘network members’) … hmmm that wording is a bit tedious, and a few other things in the job description are a bit odd too: CoLab refers to primary ownership/accountability for a particular piece of work as being led by the ‘Quarterback’, whereas providing support on tasks in areas being led by others is termed ‘Contributor’. Smells like that was cooked up by somebody with a background in sports… the old sports analogy in business, aahhh that reeks of the 90s. Then this: We want working together to feel effortless and the ways we work together to be intuitive.”

Sooo I’m not feeling it.

Helga in the background: “well, you can’t be that picky”. Shut up, Helga.

Then Wayne Roberts, local food activist in Toronto. He was the manager of the Toronto Food Policy Council from 2000 – 2010, has written books, blabla. I’ve followed him on Twitter – and he has followed me back. Wayne posted an article on agricultural labor shortage a few days ago, after I had read a short blurb on that somewhere else. The ‘other’ little voice in my head had said a few times that I should reach out to him. With some digging I found his email address and wrote him a personal note, added resume and checkmark – I just done dood dat.

That article on labor shortage was posted on the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council on November 21st. There were some links on the sidebar, one of which is to http://agriguide.ca, where you can browse by type of agricultural organization, by commodity and by province or region. Kewl. I started browsing and found Pulse Canada (think beans and lentils), which I happen to love and had already followed them on Twitter. Then found the Organic Agricultural Centre of Canada (in Nova Scotia), located at Dalhousie University… browsing their employment now…

As I write this, I notice that Twitter has been a resource I haven’t really used much. Gonna chew on that.

Decided to take care of dishes and cup of coffee. Put on Josh Garrels. Farther along we’ll understand. I think I should send him an email too.

Sooo, yes, let’s take another rabbit hole. I know we’re not going to get there the ‘normal’ way. Just have to find my pink slipper, Tim.

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