Dutch and US Immigration into Canada, unfinished study.

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My friend asked: Do Americans actually mass move to Canada because of elections? Good question. Decided to look it up, of course. See what you did? (Thank you for asking) Please note that it typically takes a year or more to be able to emigrate, so the numbers may lag.

My hypothesis was that the total number would increase in the last 15 years because of the economic crash We may need to correct for population growth… sjeeeshh I need a mathematician.

Let’s just see what I find. I had to pull numbers myself, going back to 1966 found stuff on Canadian govt site. Long term immigration statistics: http://epe.lac-bac.gc.ca/100/202/301/immigration_statistics-ef/index.html

This site has annual reports up to 1996. Then switching to current reporting. This took a bit.

Overall: 17-26.5K per year 1966-1977. Then a drop, the 80s, 90s are low, all time low about 4500. Then it has started going up again 5800, 9000, 10190 (2008), 7500 (2015). So kind of a mixed bag.

This NPR article talks about your question and interprets some more recent numbers. Their answer is ‘yes’, sort of. It may have more to do with economics. (which to me is related and makes sense).  http://www.npr.org/2016/03/30/472279572/do-americans-actually-follow-through-on-election-threats-to-move-to-canada This article also points out it may be more interesting to look at the number of US citizens that give up their citizenship. That has jumped high since 2012.

Some other sources:

I’ve got a spreadsheet, of course. let me know if  you want it.

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