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Let’s Undo the Hustle 🎶 – A Personal Study in Meditation Medicine

Ingrid Wood, October 2021. Like most of us do at some point, I’ve found myself struggling

Darkness and fear

The games some people are caught in are pretty dark and fearful. What if we play

“In Humility” – Gathering February 16, 2019

We’ve gathered again and it was good. I would even dare say: very good. Over the

“Are you a prepper?” – practicing new words

Something I realized this week, and thought I’d share with you. My husband Tim and I

Good to Go

“Good to Go” is the theme I created for today, on the phone with Mary Leann

GATHERING -invitation

GATHERING! (I’m excited that this is happening and look forward to seeing y’all. ) Somewhere during

Ivan bought a mountain

Ingrid. Right over Dublin. I don’t know the time zone, but time in Toronto is 7:40am.

Totally the End: making stroopwafels in Chile!

Yesterday, mom mentioned a television series where Dutch families were given the chance/challenge to start over

Apology to turnips (Disculpa a los nabos)

The turnip is in his seat in Washington – sorry, I hereby apologize to all turnips,

You never know how a cow catches a hare

“You never know how a cow catches a hare” – funny Dutch expression. (yes Andre, there