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Darkness and fear

The games some people are caught in are pretty dark and fearful. What if we play

“In Humility” – Gathering February 16, 2019

We’ve gathered again and it was good. I would even dare say: very good. Over the

“Are you a prepper?” – practicing new words

Something I realized this week, and thought I’d share with you. My husband Tim and I

Good to Go

“Good to Go” is the theme I created for today, on the phone with Mary Leann

GATHERING -invitation

GATHERING! (I’m excited that this is happening and look forward to seeing y’all. ) Somewhere during

Ivan bought a mountain

Ingrid. Right over Dublin. I don’t know the time zone, but time in Toronto is 7:40am.

Totally the End: making stroopwafels in Chile!

Yesterday, mom mentioned a television series where Dutch families were given the chance/challenge to start over

Apology to turnips (Disculpa a los nabos)

The turnip is in his seat in Washington – sorry, I hereby apologize to all turnips,

You never know how a cow catches a hare

“You never know how a cow catches a hare” – funny Dutch expression. (yes Andre, there

How to teach? or: about organic socks (not another article on sustainability), part 2

Ingrid Wood — Brielle, The Netherlands, (Tuesday 7 December 2016) to Teach is Tell me, I’ll