Tin Tin meets Mission Control*

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Thought of my Dad today as we went to the beach; he would often refer to me as ‘Kuifje’  (The Adventures of Tin Tin).  Yes, Dad, going on another adventure… It is only three months til I take off for Peru, then Chile… pfew.

After extra shifts at work, dealing with various health and other family matters, it took a bit to get back in the swing of things. It’s different this time: though it feels good to hone that organizing skill again, there’s a bit more of ‘We’ll see’…  Who’s on first, What’s on second? Blue Pill or Red Pill? Using Trello, I maintain 4 simple lists: doing now, not doing now, never doing now, and completed. Thinking, planning, what do I need, go get it, do it, not do it, report, celebrate, cry, adjust… And, it’s all-totally-made-up, not set-in-stone, not heavy.

Here what’s been cooking.

  • español: 3 immersion classes per week with Melina. So grateful to get the classes from Charo! (World Communications) Decided to order the book instead of mucking with bad scans. Learning informal and formal greetings, addition, conjugation… lots of hablar…
  • reading and learning Permaculture, plan to get certification this year!
  • continue reading “Creating a Life Together” and continue writing founding documents (will have something up here in a month or so)
  • collecting info on Natural building techniques, earthquake proof, like sandbag homes.
  • collecting various sites with listing of (intentional) communities, ecovillages and related type organizations – will be posted on a resource page soon.
  • ordered maps Peru & Chile, will plot a route.
  • one note card per resource and connection.
  • started researching property in southern Chile.
  • got two different pieces of luggage that are better suited for bus travel.
  • decided I should go ahead and get a tourist visum for Chile.
  • found a new read: CultureShock! Chile: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

And there’s more. I’ll never be bored.

(from *Mission Control, a productivity workshop I took years ago; highly recommend it.)


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