a letter, of different words

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Mr. Stover… or do you prefer Nelson?

Good top of the morning to you sir. You are likely helping your wife again by carrying groceries and preparing for a lovely Christmas with family; I can imagine it from here, the decorations, the smells and sounds…

Connecting with you was wonderful and I was hoping to do so again. In some ways I’ve been wanting to talk to my father, and since he has passed away last year I miss having thoughtful conversations with an experienced elder. So if you would be willing to… I understand this time of year can be very busy, so I hesitate to ask, but it would mean the world to me.

I’ve been continuing with various developments, though seem to continue to struggle with a balance between focus and flexibility.  It has been challenging to create this vision from afar and not being where I wish to be. Likely you can relate to that experience.  As a ‘recovering project manager’ I am learning to listen to god’s quiet voice and those near to me that are his conduits.  Aha, just writing that makes it present.

My mother’s health adds to my story as well. Surgery went well but she had an intestinal virus twice and is struggling because she does not have the energy she was used to. That, and it sinking in that I am planning to leave again … a recurring story of Mom believing I am abandoning her. It finally became clear that was turning into depression. I asked her to go talk to her doctor and she agreed. This does not make it any easier…  Then I hear myself say “It’s not supposed to be easy”, what a story eh?

Canada is still on the burner. After talking with the immigration professional I had started applying for work remotely, which requires a high level of effort, provides much frustration and only slim possibilities. Connecting with people works much better of course. Husband Tim and I are also considering Chile. That location was pointed at by a dear friend of mine, and then confirmed by a lady marine-minister that I had the pleasure of getting to know and work with via the International Seamens’ Center at work. Her eyes lit up and said “Yes, you should!”  — I’ve started learning Spanish 🙂

This email started off as a simple heads-up that I returned to your last notes. I plan to check out “Askitiki: Saviors of God” by Nikos Kazantzakis and also plan to contact Jeanette Stanfield. Somehow different words started pouring out …

A few pictures of my world for you. Celebrating Sinterklaas’ birthday, walks on the beach, etc.



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