Ivan bought a mountain

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Ingrid. Right over Dublin. I don’t know the time zone, but time in Toronto is 7:40am.

Ivan bought a mountain.

Ohh. Sweet redemption.

Flying. Again. It’s been a few times crossing this Atlantic. It was a long walk through Schiphol airport: we flew from gate D57 which I think is the furthest walk possible. At the checkout counter at 10:15, and the attendant said: you probably want to head over soon, because it is a walk. Yes it was. Through security – now you don’t need to take off your shoes unless they are high-tops. I didn’t know, so I still took off my sturdy Meindls. Oh well.

Concetta drove me to the airport. We had a good drive, even with many slow-downs. 1.5 hour to drive 85 km, about 50 miles. Glad we left earlier. Concetta has been awesome. All my colleagues have been awesome. They are all beautiful tender souls. So many tender souls.

Got to the gate with 30 minutes to spare for boarding. Did the last WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype etc. check. Uninstalled Twitter. I will have the reinstating Green Card convo with Immigration, and don’t want no twouble.

Next to me, Ivan. He talked about gaining some weight because of the great food. All his family wants to spoil him. His brother’s wedding had 600 people attending: all family. Emigrated to Canada when he was 18. He goes back and forth and does business with Servia, Turkey, etc. People in Canada want the upper quality of European equipment. Wow. He learned ‘windows and doors’ from his grandfather, got $5000 from his mother and $3000 from his girlfriend and build a business. Now worth CAN$150 mil. 78 people work at his business. He said “I feed 350 people”. He’s concerned what will happen to his business and real estate because of Trump. He said he wants to live in Europe, because the pace of life is better. People still have time.

I only briefly talked about being back in the Netherlands and why. About looking at Europe, Canada and now South America. Going back to Colorado and why. About intentional community.

He got it. Talked about his brothers, his kids, throwing block parties with 100 kids, helping families directly, not through organizations. He bought a mountain. Outside of Montenegro. Started talking about sheep on the mountain. It has may fresh water springs, creating fishing ponds. Creating local business and local food for his village. He talked about Pajsije, a Serb holy man that predicted a lot of things.

So sweet. So simple.

He’s dead asleep in the seat next to me. He put on a sermon by his uncle, who is a bishop in Montenegro. He said it soothes him to listen to him. Ivan, handsome man the stewardess said. I noticed he put his hand on my arm when he gets into his emotions.. He gave me his email address and said he’ll buy me a few acres where I choose.

Chicken or pasta. I got him chicken. It’s sitting on the tray at the seat next to him.


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