Totally the End: making stroopwafels in Chile!

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Yesterday, mom mentioned a television series where Dutch families were given the chance/challenge to start over somewhere else. She said she thought it was Africa. That people were given a piece of land with a wooden hut on it and enough capital to make it for a year. They have to figure out the rest.

Then, last night at work, I chatted with one of the moms a bit. She comes in all the time, for gymnastics, swimming lessons etc. She had been earlier in the evening for one lesson and had some coffee, came back 2 hours later and wanted some tea, but forgot to bring her wallet. I told her that was okay, she could pay some other time, and gave her a glass of tea. I commented on the fact that she looked dead tired and told me they had all had the flu twice in one month. Ugh. We had talked once before and she asked how the plans were coming along. I told her about leaving for Peru and Chile, and then she mentioned the same television series… which is in Chile…. ?! She thought it was called ‘New Beginnings’ but wasn’t sure… she’d been watching it for a month though.

I just looked it up. It is called “Helemaal het Einde!” which literally translates to ‘totally the end‘, but really means ‘totally wonderful‘. Three Dutch families leave house and hearth (good Dutch expression) to start building a completely different life in Chile. Each family gets a piece of land, starting capital and 1 year to build a new existence. They will be neighbors. The comments are that the producer is one of those hype type companies and this a new flavor of reality show, which figures…

Watch Totally the End on RTL4 (image Huffington Post)

I’ll dig a little more and I’ll probably shoot the producer an email. The weird synchronicity of life. I do pay attention.

I’ll be catching up on episodes online :

… okay, making stroopwafels in Chile! The greatest cookie in the world. (I agree with the Huffington Post)

Still shaking my head.

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