Documentaries on Water, Water Rights, Water Politics, Ritual

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Poisoned Water – Flint and the urban water crisis – on PBS 

Water documentaries from The Story of Stuff 

Chasing Ice (earlier work by the studio behind Chasing Coral)  

Sea of Shadows – the fight to save the vaquita porpoise and the surrounding ecosystems 

Documentaries recommended by the Water Project (some can be hard to locate)  

Water Documentaries on Al Jazeera – this site has docs with a global perspective 


On Paid (Streaming) Services

River Blue – impact of fashion industry on river systems (rent on Vimeo)

Mission Blue – follows work of Dr. Sylvia Earle and her fight for Oceans  on Netflix 

Chasing Coral – streaming on Netflix

The River and the Wallnaranja loco’s wall and effected river ecosystem (rent on iTunes) 



Original assembled by Dr. Timothy Van Meter for a gradaute class at MTSO

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