You never know how a cow catches a hare

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“You never know how a cow catches a hare” – funny Dutch expression. (yes Andre, there are nastier pictures) One visa down, more paperwork to go.

The next steps in looking for a location for our Village are happening (scary and exciting!). In May I will go from Amsterdam to Toronto, Lima, and Santiago. I have a roundtrip ticket, returning at the end of October. I may be coming back, maybe not.

I have been invited by local food activist Wayne Roberts (@WRobertsFood) to tour Toronto. In addition, I have connected with the offices of the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Toronto, Lima and Santiago and may be able to do some service work through them.

Charo Sifuentes, my forever-friend offered to provide a crash pad in Lima! I helped her years ago with starting a business in teaching language (World Communications) Now, she will teach me; isn’t it is great how the world turns? Tomorrow will be my first official lesson in Español, but I have already been practicing with Wlingua and having conversations with Gerd Luders via Twitter (@Gluders).

Estamo creando uno nuevo realidad. Feliz Año Nuevo!



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